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Research efforts at JPL are called tasks, and fall into four broad categories by sponsor: NASA science, NASA exploration, JPL internal, and non-NASA (typically DoD). Below is a list of most of our current efforts, linked to short descriptions of the work content and the name of the lead researcher.

NASA Science Mission Directorate (SMD) funded:
  1. PIXL Optical Fiducial System

NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD):
  1. ATHLETE Low Gravity Testbed
  3. Surface Exploration Analysis and Simulation

NASA Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT):
  1. Comet Hitchhiker
  2. Orbiting Rainbows

JPL Internal Research Programs funded:
  1. Adaptive Resolution Stereo-Vision (ARES-V)
  2. Autonomous Small UAVs for In-situ Observation of Ecosystem Properties from Leaf to Canopy
  3. Cave Robot
  4. Gecko-like Adhesives for Orbital Debris Applications
  5. In-Space Telescope Assembly
  6. ISS Remote Inspection System (IRIS)
  7. Mars On-Orbit Sample Transfer Technologies (MOSTT)
  8. Mars Sample Transfer Testbed (MSTT)
  9. Planetary Aerial and Surface Access Systems
  10. Sampling Chain for Primitive Body Surface Sample Return
  11. STABLE
  12. Wearable Interface for Natural Gesture Control and Tele-Operation of Robotic Systems

Non-NASA funded:
  1. Active Night-Time Stereo and Localization
  2. ACTUV - Advanced Sensing and Behaviors for Covert Operations
  3. ACTUV - Autonomy Algorithms for Navigation in High Sea States
  4. Algorithm for Advanced CDAS for USV Autonomy
  5. Autonomy and Situational Awareness for UMS
  6. CODE - Collaborative Ops in Denied Environment
  7. Coordinated Tactical Behaviors
  8. DECODE Autonomy and Simulation
  9. Detailed ASV/USV Modeling and Simulation System (DAMS)
  10. DRC - DARPA Robotics Challenge, RoboSimian (Track A)
  11. Fixational Automated Target Extraction
  12. Micro Autonomous Systems Collaborative Technology Alliance (MAST CTA)
  13. Mobility Testbed for Army Unmanned Ground Vehicles
  14. Prime Focus Spectrograph Positioner Software
  15. Project Tango – Visual SLAM Development
  16. Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA)
  17. Sea-Based Automated launch and Recovery System (SALRS)
  18. Sensor Fusion for Low-Cost Perception
  19. Supervised Remote Robot with Guided Autonomy/Teleoperation (Surrogate)
  20. Test and Evaluation of AVM Tools for DARPA FANG Challenge
  21. Wall Climbing Robots

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