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Chuck Bergh


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 107

Pasadena, CA 91109

Chuck Bergh


Chuck Bergh is an electro-mechanical engineer with extensive experience in end-to-end design, integration, and successful delivery of embedded avionic systems and mobile autonomous systems. His background includes system specification, avionics design, verification and validation testing, electro-mechanical design, digital control theory, and real-time software design.


Master of Science Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology, 1999.
Mechatronics and Adaptive Control System Design.

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Auburn University, 1994.

Professional Experience


Current Projects:
DARPA Robotic Autonomy in Complex Environments with Resiliency (RACER) - Test/Safety Lead

Mars Sample Retrieval Lander (SRL) - Vision Compute Element - Subject Matter Expert

Previous Projects:
NASA Human Lander Systems (HLS) - Lander Vision System (LVS-B) - Manager

Mars 2020 Vision Compute Element - Test/Integration Lead, V&V Lead

DARPA Robotics Challenge - RoboSimian - Integration Lead, Electrical Lead

CoOperative Blending of Autonomous Landing Technology (COBALT) - Payload Systems Engineer

Autonomous Descent and Ascent Powered-flight Testbed (ADAPT) - Hardware Cognizant Engineer

MSL Rover Actuator EGSE (AEGSE) - Cognizant Engineer

Autonomy for USSV - Project Manager, Technical Lead

TPF Formation Flight Control Testbed - Avionics Lead

MSL Terminal Descent Sensor Testbed - Test-Article Lead

Mars Subsonic Parachute/Pin Point Landing - Hardware Lead (Down Looking Camera)

Planetary Autonomous Amphibious Rover (PAARV)- Task Manager

DARPA Perception for Off-Road Navigation (PerceptOR)

DARPA Tactical Mobile Robot (TMR)


SECRET - Active (2000-2010)


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