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Eric Kulczycki


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 198-219
Pasadena, CA 91109





Member of:

347B - Robotic Vehicles and Manipulators

Eric Kulczycki

Member of Technical Staff


Eric Kulczycki is an Member of the Technical Staff for the Mobility and Robotic Systems Section (347). His current activities focus on autonomous aerial robots for venus and titan, unmanned sea surface vehicles, photonics mast development, planetary mobility concept development, and sample acquisition. He recieved his BS in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Sciences from U.C. Davis in 2004. He finished his MS in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at U.C. Davis (Jan.) 2006.


M.S., M.A.E., University of California at Davis, 2006
B.S., M.E., University of California at Davis, 2004
B.S., A.E., University of California at Davis, 2004

Professional Experience

U.C. Davis Projects
-Aerodesign West 2000-2005
Vice-Captain 2002
Captain 2003
Advisor 2004-2005

JPL Projects:
-Europa Orbiter 2001
-AXEL-2 2002
-PAARV 2003
-Aerobot Autonomy Task 2003-2011
-Team In-Situ 2003-2004
-MSR 2004
-Wide Area Prospecting 2005
-AAR 2005
-Planetary Protection Focus Tech. 2005
-Long Hole Drilling and Shoring 2006
-MSL Drilling Test Bed 3 2007
-VALOR+ Proposal Team 2008
-Venus Flagship Study - 2008
-USSV 2007-2010
-Photonics Mast 2008-2011
-LSOT/Moonrise 2010-2011
-AMD 2011-2012
-GEMS 2011-2012

University of California Los Angeles 2011 - Lecturer - Robotics Systems Design and Engineering

Research Interests

Navigation and guidance of aerial, surface, and underwater mobility platforms. Advanced control system design and development for dynamic robotic systems. Dynamic modeling of robotic systems. In-Situ sample acquisition. Mobility platform mechanical design and concept development. Aircraft and airship design, testing, and integration.


  1. E.A. Kulczycki, S.M. Koehler, A. Elfes, D.S. Bayard, M.B. Quadrelli, J.R. Johnson, "Development of an Analytical Parameterized Linear Lateral Dynamic Model for an Aerobot Airship," AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, AIAA-2011-6292, Portland, Oregon, 08 August 2011.