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Test and Evaluation of AVM Tools for DARPA FANG Challenge

Test and Evaluation of AVM Tools for DARPA FANG Challenge
Graphical representation of several of the Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) components under test.
DARPA’s Adaptive Vehicle Make (AVM) is a portfolio of programs that address revolutionary approaches to the design, verification and manufacturing of complex defense systems and vehicles. Within this portfolio, AVM is developing a new suite of design tools and methodology for accelerating the design and build of complex defense systems. These tools support the full spectrum of design ranging from early concept design evaluation to detailed design development. The suite features tools for Qualitative Reasoning, Static Constraint Analysis, time-varying models using ordinary differential equations, detailed CAD, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Structural analysis using Finite Element Method, Blast analysis using nonlinear FEA, manufacturability analysis, probabilistic analysis for uncertainty quantification, among others. AVM is also developing a web portal for collaboration between geographically separated design teams.

The AVM program is developing a number of new tools and numerous models, and DARPA needs an independent continuous evaluation of tools/models as well as technical status from domain experts. DARPA has requested JPL’s participation to fill this need. JPL also provides to DARPA technical status and recommendations.
Point of Contact: Rudranarayan Mukherjee
Sponsored By: DARPA

People on this Task

Eric Kulczycki