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347B - Applied Robotic Systems

The Robotic Vehicles and Manipulators Group is dedicated to the design and implementation of novel robotic vehicle and manipulator systems for a wide range of environments, uses, scales, and customers. These systems are conceived with an emphasis on the implications of mechatronic and mechanical design requirements. The group seeks to form collaborative relationships with other NASA centers and other institutions to further the development of robotic systems. Specifically, this includes:

  • Design, implementation, and testing of novel robotic vehicles and manipulators for customers such as NASA, DoD, and the commercial sector.
  • Engineer mobility and manipulation systems for air, land, or sea (including terrestrial and extra-terrestrial environments) at scales ranging from millimeter to dekameter.
  • Provide mechanical, mechatronic, and system engineering support to Flight and Research Projects, including Cognizant Engineer subsystem leadership.