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347R - Operable Robotics

The Operable Robotics group provides expertise in operations for in-situ robotic exploration missions. Group members have a proven record of improving the operability of robotic elements of flight missions, including the Mars Exploration Rovers, Mars Science Laboratory, Insight, and Mars 2020. Additionally, they participate in flight system design, and algorithm and flight software development. Examples of group products are: robotic arm kinematics interfaces for autonomous positioning, predictive self-collision modeling for science targeting, autonomous arm workspace terrain modeling from stereo images, instrument guided positioning for reducing robotic arm positioning uncertainty, configurable command abstractions for in-situ sampling, and simulated uncertainty estimates for autonomous rover navigation.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Technology enabling operable, self-driven robotic systems
  • Verification & validation of robotic systems
  • Executive-level control for real-time robotic systems
  • Autonomous robotic fault recovery