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Jenny Shatts


4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91109


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Member of:

347R - Robot Ops and V&V

Jenny Shatts

Robotics Systems Engineer


I am a Thai-American, passionate aerospace professional who is outgoing, self-motivated, and hardworking. My childhood dream was to be an astronaut, but I found out I was too short, so I thought that the second-best thing was to be an engineer making spacecraft. I was greatly influenced to pursue aerospace as a career because of my grandfather who was a Liberator bomber pilot during WWII, and my father who took me to "Bring Your Kid to Work" Day at the various LA-based aerospace companies. I have always been curious about how stuff works. I received a Bachelor of Science in aerospace engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a concentration in astronautics in June, 2012. Before joining JPL in 2017, I did spacecraft integration and test at Maxar (formerly Space Systems Loral SSL). I traveled internationally to support several launch campaigns for dozens of geosynchronous communication satellites and made many friends in my travels. I started in the Mars 2020 system testbed in May, 2017. After several years of doing integration and test on the Mars 2020 rover, I transitioned to supporting cruise flight operations and flying a spacecraft for the first time in my career. My interest in robotics and autonomy started later in my career when I was working on Mars 2020 terrain relative navigation and lander vision system. I enjoy cooking Thai and French cuisine, traveling, surfing, snowboarding, home brewing beer, and yoga.


Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering with Concentration in Astronautics – June 2012 from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Professional Experience

NASA JPL Experience - May 2017 to Present
  • Mars Sample Return Program - Sample Transfer System Robotic Arm
  • COLDArm Robotic System Ground Demonstration - Systems Engineer
  • Mars 2020 Robotic Arm Surface Operations
  • GNC and Telecom Flight System Systems Engineer - Psyche Program
  • Launch Cruise Approach Flight Operations Systems Engineer – Mars 2020 Program
  • System Testbed Engineer – Mars 2020 Program
Commercial Aerospace Experience
  • Senior Systems Engineer - Orbiter - Launcher, Hawthorne, CA - September 2021 to March 2022
  • Senior Spacecraft Systems Test Engineer – Terra Bella (formerly Skybox) Program - Maxar (formerly Space Systems/ Loral), Palo Alto, CA - May 2016 –May 2017
  • Electrical Vehicle Engineer/ Attitude Control System Test Engineer - Maxar (formerly Space Systems/ Loral), Palo Alto, CA - September 2012 to May 2016


Mars 2020 Program Team Award - 2019
JPL Flight Systems Engineering Discovery Award - 2018

Flight Project and Research Task Involvement

Flight Projects
Robot Operations
COLDArm Additional Info