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Tyler Okamoto


4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91101


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Member of:

347C - Extreme Environment Robotics Systems

Tyler Okamoto

Robotics Technologist


Tyler Okamoto is a Robotics Technologist in the Extreme Environment Robotics Group (347C) of JPL. He is developing a robot to sample the surface of Enceladus and is working various projects for the US Navy.

Prior to joining JPL, Tyler was a research assistant at the MIT Mechatronics Research Lab where he developed soft, multi-axis robotic sensors for detecting leaks in water pipe networks. At Caltech, he managed the Caltech Robotics Team which created a multifunctional autonomous submarine, was a TA for a MechE lab class, and worked on a reconfigurable space telescope.


M.S. in Mechanical Engineering (2019) from MIT
Research Area: Designing a Soft Omnidirectional Tactile Feedback Sensor with Application in Leak Detection
Research Advisor: Prof. Kamal Youcef-Toumi
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with Minor in Aerospace Engineering (2019) from Caltech

Professional Experience

Robotics Technologist Extreme Environment Robotics Group (2019-present)
Research Assistant at the MIT Mechatronics Research Lab (2017-2019)
Teaching Assistant for the ME50 lab at Caltech (2017)
Tooling Engineer Intern at SpaceX (2016)
Robotics Engineer Intern at JPL (2015)

Research Interests

Robotic sampling mechanisms, robotic mobility systems, autonomous mapping, manipulation


Discovery Bonus Award (2020) for Zero-G test flights for the Enceladus sampling system

Team Bonus Award (2020) for support of flights for the UAVSAR instrument over the Lightening Complex Fires


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