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Tam Nguyen


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 198-219
Pasadena, CA 91109





Tam T. Nguyen

Member of Technical Staff


Tam Nguyen is a member of the technical staff of the Robotic Software Systems Group - Mobility and Robotic Systems Section. He joined JPL in 1980 and has worked on various space flight missions such as the flight experiments on-board the Space Shuttle, the 1996 Mars Path Finder (MPF), and the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover (MER). He has also participated in numerous robotic wheeled vehicle research projects.

He is currently involved with the operations of the MER Project.


  • M.S. - Electrical Engineering (1982) - California State University, Long Beach.

  • B.S. - Physics and Chemistry (1973) - Faculty of Sciences, University of Saigon, VietNam.

  • Diploma (B.S. equivalent) - High School Teaching in Physics and Chemistry (1971) - Faculty of Pedagogy, University of Saigon, Vietnam.

Professional Experience

  • Developed flight software for various flight projects.

  • Developed software for robotic wheeled vehicle reseach projects.

  • Intergrated hardware & software for various research projects.

  • Developed scripts for extracting flight data.

Research Interests

  • Robotic wheeled vehicle software & hardware.
  • Software/Hardware Interface and Integration
  • Real-time systems.


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