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Michael Paton


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 198-219

Pasadena, CA 91101

Member of:

347F - Robotic Mobility

Michael Paton

Member of Technical Staff


Michael Paton is a Robotics Technologist at JPL in the Robotics Mobility group. Michael received his PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto on the topic of long-term autonomous path following systems.

His research at JPL is focused on the design and development of extreme-terrain autonomous navigation systems.

Current work at JPL includes the development of a navigation system for the Axel tethered mobility rover to enable the autonomous exploration of cliff faces and terrain-aware navigation for ground rovers.


Ph.D. Aerospace Engineering,
University of Toronto [2017]

M.S. Computer Science,
George Mason University [2012]

B.S. Computer Science,
George Mason University [2007]

Research Interests

- Autonomous Systems
- State Estimation
- Terrain Assessment
- Path Planning


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