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Luis Phillipe Tosi


4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91101

Member of:

347C - Extreme Environment Robotics Systems

Luis Phillipe Tosi, PhD

Member of Technical Staff


Phillipe is a mechanical and aerospace engineer working on the extreme environment robotics group at JPL. He obtained his masters and PhD from Caltech in 2015 and 2018, respectively, where his dissertation work focused on fluid-structure interaction instabilities, particularly for the design of robust flow energy harvesters. Phillipe graduated with a Bachelor’s in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 2009 and masters in aerospace in 2010, both from Cornell University. His work focused on the design of a passive attitude control system for a satellite-on-a-chip. Phillipe worked for Chevron Corporation from 2010-2018 as a Completions Engineer and Project Manager, and Research Engineer while pursing his PhD. His family moved to the US from Brazil in 1998, where he still tries to spend most of the year-end holidays. He has 13 granted patents, and 16 patent applications published.


-PhD Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2018
-M.S. Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology, 2015
-M. Eng. Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University, 2010
-B.S. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University, 2009

Professional Experience

-Robotics Mechanical Engineer, JPL, 2018-Present
-Research/Consulting Engineer, Chevron Corporation, 2013-2018
-Completions Engineer/Project Manager (Completion Design & Project Support Team), Chevron Corporation, 2011-2013
-Completions Engineer (Completions Hardware & System Reliability Team), Chevron Corporation, 2010-2011

Research Interests

Controls, fluid mechanics, solid-mechanics, energy harvesting,