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Travis Brown


4800 Oak Grove Drive

Pasadena, CA 91101

Member of:

347F - Robotic Mobility

Travis Brown

Member of Technical Staff


Travis Brown is a robotic systems engineer in the Robotic Mobility Group at JPL. He holds a Ph.D. in robotics from the University of Notre Dame, where he studied planning and control of underactuated bipedal robots. Since starting at JPL in 2016, Travis has worked on a variety of projects including the Axel Rappelling Rover, Moon Diver Mission Concept, Mars 2020 Rover (Perseverance) , COLDArm mission, Steep Terrain Mobility Rover, with minor roles on several other R&D projects. He is currently Chief Engineer for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter.


• PhD Robotics, University of Notre Dame (2015)

• MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Notre Dame (2013)

• BS Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University (2009)

Research Interests

• Motion planning
• Locomotion
• Multibody dynamic control
• Legged Robots


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