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Ian Baldwin


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 198-219
Pasadena, CA 91101


(818) 393-6613


(818) 393-5007

Ian Baldwin

Member of Technical Staff


Ian Baldwin is a member of the Robotics and Mobility group. He has recently completed his D.Phil in Engineering Science at Oxford university, where his research focused on the development of localization techniques for large-scale, long-term autonomous vehicle operation. Currently his work is focused on leveraging the capabilities of extreme-terrain vehicles for advanced mission capabilities. In addition to robust estimation and perception, his interests include the application of lifelong-learning approaches to robotics problems in general.


• D.Phil (Engineering Science), Oxford University
• M.Sc (Mechanical Engineering), University of Cape Town, RSA
• B.Sc (Electro-Mechanical Engineering)(Hons.) University of Cape Town, RSA

Professional Experience

Ian has consulted on a variety of projects incorporating robust localizations systems. These range from indoor vision-based systems to multi-sensor platforms for the rail industry.

Research Interests

• Robust perception
• Machine learning as applied long-term autonomous operation


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