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Hung Tran


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 107-
Pasadena, CA 91109





Hung Tran

Member of Technical Staff


Joint JPL since 1991 as an contractor for Section 357, providing tech work for many Flight and Non-flight projects in various fields (Electronics, Mechanical, Thermal Blanket, etc.etc.)
Became regular employee in 2003 and working for Telerobotics group as Senior Electromechanical Technician working for Mars Science Laboratory task.


Foothill College __ Electronic Enginnering
Moorpark College __ General Education

Professional Experience

With twenty plus years of working experience combine in many fields, both in Profit Making and Research & Development Industries. I think I am an multi-task person whom can work and willing to take on an challenge task. Some of my work experience include:

JPL: From 1991 to Present would include:
MSL: Ectromechanic work / trouble-shoot circuit board, implement Engineer Changing Instruction (ECI),design and build mechanical test fixture as nessessary.

Sub Surface Explore (SSX):designed and built holding fixture, wired sensors, test, and wrote report.

Lunar Rover Outpost: providing tech work for assembly

Solar Sail: tech work for assembly, designed Sail Holding Container, and tested in low gravity enviroment (Zero-G flights)

MUSES CN: Designed and bult test model using Autocad, assemble OMRRE and MUSES Rover test model, intergration and test of thermal, shock and vibration at both on and off-site.

Gallieo Mission (GLL): Worked various area of this mission including:

- Set up test cases to study the data recording subsystem.
- Studied and trouble shot the High Gain Attena problem.
- Fabrication,intergration, and test of of Power Distribution Simulator.
- Electronic I&T of Flight Hardware into testbed (Bldg.264-112)
- Re-org & Re-gen Testbeds master cable lay-out
- built numerous of mechanical test fixtures, covers, and electronic test fixtures.

Spaceborn Imaging Radar_C (SIR_C) & NASA Scatterometer (NSCAT) projects:

fabrication of thermal blankets.

Out side of JPL enviroment, had worked in several industries. Fields of experience included:

QA @ Telematic Intl (8/90 - 3/91)
Sr. Mechanical Tech @ Micropolis (4/90 - 12/90)
Elec. Tech @ Seagate techology (7/87 - 3/90)
Elec. test equip Tech @ Peripheral Tech. (2/84 - 7/87)