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Anthony Ganino


4800 Oak Grove Drive
M/S 82-105
Pasadena, CA 91109





Anthony Joseph Ganino

Member of Technical Staff


Anthony Ganino is a Senior Engineer in the Robotic Hardware Systems Group at JPL. Since joining JPL in the spring of 1996, he has worked on a number of tasks, both flight and research, as a mechanical engineer with an emphasis on mechanical design of robotics-related technologies. His background includes mechanical simulation and design, finite element analysis, and C/C++ code development.
During graduate school, he developed C++ based graphical simulations of parallel manipulator kinematics and performed the mechanical design and system integration for a parallel robotic wrist. His work in the Mechanical and Robotic Technologies Group at JPL, has led to contributions on numerous mobile robotic systems, both flight (MUSES-CN, MER) and technology (MSL FT, LSR, SRR, RWC, FIDO, Subsurface Explorer, Nanorover, TMR), primarily as a mechanical engineer working on the design and integration of these robotic platforms. In addition, he has experience as the Task Manager for the Rover Maintenance task overseeing the maintenance and upgrade functions for the fleet of JPLs Mars-related research rovers.


M.S., Mechanical Engineering
Virginia Tech, 1996
Thesis: Design of the Carpal Wrist: A Novel Parallel-Actuated Robotic Wrist
Concentration: Kinematics/Mechanical Design
B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Summa Cum Laude, Virginia Tech, 1994

Professional Experience

Senior Engineer, Jet Propulsion Lab, 2005-Present
Staff Engineer, Jet Propulsion Lab, 1996-2005
Task Manager, Rover Maintenance Task, 2003-2004
Hardware Design Experience:
Research related: LSR, SRR, SRR-2K, FIDO, Subsurface Explorer, Nanorover, TMR/Packbot, 5DOF robotic arm, Automated Particle Extraction System, TMRV/BUDDI Release Device
Flight related: MER REM/Mobility/Airbag GSE, MSL Motor Drive Electronics (MDE)
CAD/CAE: Solidworks, UG-NX3, Pro-E, IDEAS
Analysis: CosmosWorks, CosmosMotion, ADAMS, Pro/Mechanica, NX/Scenario for structures and motion
Languages: C/C++, Matlab, VB/VBA, Mathematica, Mathcad, Fortran

Research Interests

Mechanical design, integration, and test of mechanisms and robotic systems.