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Research Tasks

UUV Dynamic High Level Planner

JPL will develop the Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) Dynamic High-Level Planner, integrate and test it with a sponsor provided Behavior Engine (BE) simulator, and test autonomous operations via simulation. This solution will utilize two software systems from JPL: CARACaS (Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Command and Sensing) dynamic planning engine, CASPER (Continuous Activity Scheduling Planning Execution and Re-planning).

JPL will also provide support for full system testbed integration and test, and the test, refinement, and demonstration of the system via in-water trials. Additionally, JPL will assist in the integration and test of new autonomy algorithms and sensors.

This research is under the direction of the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division (NSWC-PCD) and funded by the Office of Naval Research.
Point of Contact: Gail Woodward
Sponsored By: Defense