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Research Tasks

Telepresense for Remote Supervision of Robots

Telepresense for Remote Supervision of Robots
This task is the JPL part of JSC's Telepresence for Remote Supervision of Robots Project. The task level assistant developed in this task will assist a human operator working in the immersive cockpit to generate valid sequences to the robot from high level operator goal inputs. This work will include the development of an activity network sequence representation (plan) and the task level assistant (planner) to autonomously general valid command sequences to be sent for autonomous execution of the robot. The task will work with JSC to define the scope of the task level assistant functionality relative to other elements in the system, develop the needed technologies and integrate and test with the integrated project system.

JPL has a co-investigation role for this work, which is led by Rob Ambrose of the Johnson Space Center.
Point of Contact: Jeff Norris