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Research Tasks

Sea-Based Automated launch and Recovery System (SALRS)

The Sea-Based Automated Launch and Recovery System (SALRS) is an ONR program that looks to characterize state of the art sensor performance with respect to autonomous landing and takeoff operations on sea surface vessels. Program objectives included:

1. Characterizing candidate sensor performance in demanding conditions representative of Naval operating environments.
2. Testing multiple candidate sensors simultaneously and/or under identical conditions, so that their performance can be compared, and used for sensor fusion development.
3. Conducting and analyzing tests of sensor signal propagation across a range of degraded conditions combined with high ship motion.
4. After determining baseline stand-alone sensor capability, investigating how cooperating concepts devices can be used to enhance performance.
5. Based on test results and data analysis, developing physics-based sensor models that capture the sensor’s performance and operating characteristics across a range of degraded conditions and standoff distances.

JPL Robotics is providing support to ONR on SALRS for sensor evaluation, and simulation for estimation and sensing.
Point of Contact: Curtis Padgett