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Rover Technology Integration - CLARAty

Rover Technology Integration - CLARAty
Supported Platforms.
We are continuing development of CLARAty, a unified and reusable robotic autonomy architecture that provides basic functionality and simplifies the integration of new technologies for future missions. Our objectives are to: (1) mature the various packages of CLARAty, which capture domain knowledge in an integrated robotic framework, (2) provide a flexible framework for easily-integrated technologies within the RMSA program, and (3) provide a framework that will allow the comparison of competing technologies.

CLARAty is designed to have two layers of control, Functional and Decision, which interact to provide robust and flexible implementation of intelligent operation. The Functional Layer is an object-oriented software representation of the robotic system and its basic capabilities. It provides low- and mid-level autonomy capabilities for the robot.

The Decision Layer is designed to use the basis set of capabilities from the Functional Layer, for constraining and enabling solutions to problems it is given. The Decision Layer can utilize encapsulated Functional Layer capabilities with relatively high-level commands, or access lower-level functionality and combine it in ways not provided by the Functional Layer. This layer is the home for artificial intelligence software components.
Point of Contact: Issa Nesnas
Sponsored By: Mars Technology Program

People on this Task

Richard Madison
Michael McHenry
Mihail Pivtoraiko