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Research Tasks

Rover Maintenance and Upgrades

Rover Maintenance and Upgrades
The Mars Science Laboratory Project focused technology development testbeds.
This task provides mechanical and electrical engineering maintenance and upgrading of the rovers and robotic systems that serve as testbeds for technology and software developed for the MSL project. We maintain and, in some cases, upgrade and redesign the structural elements, mechanisms, electromechanical systems, and electronics of JPL's technology rovers: Rocky 7, Rocky 8, and FIDO.

We have been focusing on the upgrade and redesign of the articulating elements (manipulators and remote sensing masts) for the Rocky 8 and FIDO rovers in addition to some electrical and power subsystems. Our ongoing and upcoming tasks are driven by the emerging requirements of the MSL mission and the needs associated with the development of various terrestrial testbed systems.
Point of Contact: Allen Sirota
Sponsored By: Mars Technology Program