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Ranger: Browser-based Visualization System for Engineering and Public Outreach

Ranger:  Browser-based Visualization System for Engineering and Public Outreach
A mosaic of screenshots from various Ranger applications.
Ranger is a JPL-developed, web browser-based, interactive, 3D visualization software system that has been designed to accurately visualize JPL and NASA spacecraft, robotic vehicles and planetary data for engineering and public outreach customers. Ranger applications run on hardware devices typically used by engineers and by the public, that range from high-end workstations and laptops down to mobile devices running Android and iOS operating systems. Because Ranger applications run in a web browser, multiple, simultaneous users can view the same data or have a unique data view depending on user preference.

Ranger applications can use robotic vehicle, planetary body, environment and engineering data from a variety of sources, including: live, simulated or logged vehicle telemetry, physics-based models, mission trade studies, and hardware and software testbeds. Ranger applications can be embedded in third-party web pages and can also be combined with HTML UI elements or D3 widgets for dashboards containing strip charts, dials, etc. The recently developed Exoplanet and Eclipse public outreach apps use Amazon Web Services hosting, but local server or a restricted access Gov cloud hosting can also be used. In addition to public outreach, Ranger applications are in development to support JPL Office of Naval Research tasks, flight mission trade studies and Mars 2020 Entry, Descent and Landing telemetry visualization.

Two Ranger applications may be experienced here:
Eyes on the Eclipse
Strange New Worlds
Point of Contact: Hari Nayar
Sponsored By: JPL Internal Research Programs funded

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