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Research Tasks

Multi-mission EDL Reconstruction

Multi-mission EDL Reconstruction
Two views from the Multi-mission EDL Reconstruction tool.
Using the simulation and 3D visualization software framework developed in the JPL DARTSLab, the Entry/ Descent/ Landing (EDL) Reconstruction task team is developing a real-time, multi-mission, 3D visualization playback and geometric reconstruction capability. This will be used by mission engineers and management to view spacecraft and environment states during targeted mission phases, in addition to providing visualization during post-event reconstruction. The EDL Reconstruction system has been designed to use either real-time telemetry or provided simulation data.

Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission staff will use the EDL Reconstruction system on EDL day to view the state of the spacecraft using the MSL mission real-time telemetry stream. During post-EDL reconstruction, MSL analysts will use the system in a playback mode to help the to mission better understand the state of the spacecraft during the EDL phase.

Engineers for JPL’s Low Density Supersonic Decelerator Technology Demonstration (LDSD) mission are using the EDL Reconstruction system with provided DSENDS simulation data, to help better understand and to communicate mission events to project management and sponsors.
Point of Contact: Marc Pomerantz
Sponsored By: Mars Technology Program