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Lunar Surface Operations Simulator (LSOS)

Lunar Surface Operations Simulator (LSOS)
A simulated view of a lunar rover with astronauts and solar array.
The Lunar Surface Operations Simulator (LSOS) is a dynamics simulation software package that models lunar surface systems and the lunar environment. It is built upon the DARTS/Dshell and ROAMS simulation software developed at JPL. Simulations of lunar mission operation scenarios are performed with LSOS to determine performance of surface assets and to analyze feasibility and optimize mission plans. Physics models of vehicles, habitats, and the lunar terrain are implemented in LSOS. LSOS also accurately models the locations of the sun and other planetary bodies with respect to the surface assets on the terrain. In addition, process models and the corresponding dynamic behavior of power, environmental control and life support, thermal and other systems are incorporated during simulations. The results from the analyses and simulations have been fed back to teams at other NASA centers to assist in the design and planning of missions. LSOS has demonstrated that high-fidelity dynamics simulation is a powerful tool to assist during the concept development and planning stages of space missions.
Point of Contact: Hari Nayar

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