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Research Tasks

JSC ISS Cell Growth Experiments with JPL Micro-Imagers

JSC ISS Cell Growth Experiments with JPL Micro-Imagers
A development program is occurring to produce the International Space Station (ISS), Bio Tech Facility (BTF) at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). This facility will allow numerous experiments related to reduced-gravity cell development, growth and adaptation to be preformed on ISS. There is a desire by the group to upgrade current capabilities with the inclusion of micro-imagers. JPL is providing these micro-imagers for the JSC ISS Cell Growth Experiment Program.

The objective of this effort is to ascertain the feasibility of monitoring cell cultures using white-light (still and video) imaging. The specimens will be contained in tissue culture modules or similar small-volume (<15 ml) pouches. JPL will supply the video imaging devices for use at NASA JSC.

This work is funded by Wyle Laboratories.
Point of Contact: Alberto Behar
Sponsored By: Non-NASA funded