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Research Tasks


The Exoskeleton system is a master slave teleoperation system. On the right, the operator's hand and arm motions are measured by an instrumented glove and force reflecting hand controller. On the left, these motions are replicated in the action of grasping a wrench.
A two-armed telerobot now undergoing development can manipulate objects with dexterity approaching that of a human. It is designed to be remotely operated by a human. The human operator wears a harness with exoskeleton-like sleeves and gloves; the remote manipulator follows the operator's arm, hand, and finger movements and feeds back position and force information so that the operator has a sense of manipulating the object held by the telerobot. Eventually, as control electronics becomes more advanced, it may be possible to give the robot autonomy over routine manipulative tasks, although human control will still be needed for unstructured activities.
Sponsored By: NASA Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology (Code R)