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Distributed Spectroscopy for Mobile Science Laboratories

Distributed Spectroscopy for Mobile Science Laboratories
Conceptual scene depicting a surveying rover taking measurements with a mast-mounted, open-path absorption spectrometer. Tunable diode laser beams are aimed at a distant retroreflector; the spectrometer detects absorbed biogenic gases.
This task supports a larger effort aimed at developing a mobile spectrometer instrument system for wide-area survey, detection, and measurement of known biogenic gases in the ground-level atmosphere of Mars, with a primary focus on water vapor. Autonomous surface mobility and navigation technology will enable directed wide-area surveys. This task will develop algorithms and software required for instrument mobility including area coverage via directed mobile surveying and sensitivity adjustment via mobile platform motion control.

JPL has a support role in this ASTID program investigation which is led by Edmond Wilson of Harding University, Searcy Arkansas USA.
Point of Contact: Edward Tunstel
Sponsored By: Solar System Research and Analysis

People on this Task

Edward Tunstel