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Distributed Rover Avionics Software

Distributed Rover Avionics Software
This task will provide a multiprocessor communication capability that enables parallel processing, modular subsystems with standard hardware and software interfaces, multi-rover communication, and lightweight, low power avionics packages with more processing power than current systems. JPL will receive a library of reusable software that will enable multiprocessor communication not only on the Micro Avionics Modules, but on other processors as well. This will allow parallel processing, or redundant processing when used inside a single vehicle. When combined with wireless network technology it will allow multi-rover communication. On the Micro Avionics Modules it will enable JPL to build combined hardware and software modules that provide standard functionality and interfaces that can be used off the shelf. By enabling Micro Avionics Modules to be used in a multiprocessor configuration, either more processing power or more redundancy can be added to an avionics system while still reducing power and weight when compared to standard avionics packages.
Point of Contact: Richard Petras

People on this Task

Michael McHenry