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Research Tasks

CODE - Collaborative Ops in Denied Environment

Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) is a DARPA program that seeks to develop and demonstrate advanced collaborative autonomy algorithms and software to enable existing unmanned aerial platforms to effectively operate in a denied environment. The program is architected to achieve three primary objectives for heterogeneous teams of unmanned aircraft (UA): 1) Increase the area coverage for target detection or rapid task execution in a denied environment; 2) Dynamically assign or reassign mission level tasks to the team; and 3) Optimize team composition and resource usage based on mission needs. The team must collaborate on the geo-locating of targets and geo-location of assets so that members can autonomously track or perform mission objectives in a safe manner.

JPL is supporting LEIDOS to implement our proposed solution to CODE. JPL will help develop a system architecture incorporating existing JPL technology that supports: vision-based mapping and navigation in GPS denied environments; health management of the individual UAVs; and autonomous planning and scheduling to meet mission objectives.
Point of Contact: Curtis Padgett
Sponsored By: DARPA