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Research Tasks

Autonomy For Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

Autonomy For Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
Artist's conception of a UUV performing adaptive area mine survey operations.
This effort is targeted at the development of a high-level intelligent autonomous controller that will be implemented as a modular “black box” with standardized physical, electrical, and software interfaces to facilitate movements of a UUV systems based on the JPL-developed hybrid control architecture CARACaS (Control Architecture for Robotic Agent Control and Sensing). JPL will develop and test CARACaS capabilities on a UUV performing Adaptive Area Mine Survey Operations, Hazard Avoidance, and Sensor Energy Management. JPL will integrate and test CARACaS with a new vehicle and sensor simulator (DSIM) and perform system simulation test and analysis. JPL will also provide support for possible in-water field tests.
Point of Contact: Gail Woodward