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Research Tasks

AMASE: Arctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition

AMASE:  Arctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition
AMASE field testing at Svalbard during summer 2006.
The combined analytical resources at JPL, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Smithsonian Institute and ARC will be used to characterize a subset of samples from three Svalbard field sites. Accessing a cliff-wall from below requires a system that can safely climb steep slopes while maintaining tip over and traction stability. Accessing the cliff from above offers the opportunity for using tethers as safety lines and a means of stabilization. Science targeting is done exactly the same way as the traditional systems such as MER, with a target selected from imagery as an x,y,z position that is fed to the cliff-bot rover. Planned tests serve two purposes; as verification instrumentation to life detection within the field environment and to test this technology for use in future space flight missions for life detection.

JPL has a support role in this work which is led by Andrew Steele, of the Geophysical Laboratory at Carnegie Institute of Washington
Point of Contact: Terry Huntsberger
Sponsored By: ASTEP

People on this Task

Paulo Younse