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Research Tasks

Adaptive Human-Machine Interfaces for Collaborative Construction

The main objective of this effort is to develop and demonstrate a methodology for adaptive human-robot inter-operability enabling humans to control teams of heterogeneous robots ranging in capability from complex manipulators to simple mobile bases, with a focus on construction and parts-mating tasks. Our specific goals include: 1) development of an integrated software/hardware human-robot collaborative system, leveraging our existing infrastructure; 2) the use of an extensible, open, hierarchical control architecture for scaleable system applications, based on our ongoing efforts; 3) flexible, efficient human-robot interactions with safeguards at all levels: motor skills, behavioral-reflexive, and task-driven planning/monitoring; and 4) identification of effective human/machine task division, enhancing as much as possible the development of seamless human-machine interfaces.

This effort is collaborative with the USC Interaction Lab.
Point of Contact: Terry Huntsberger