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Kam S Tso's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 198-219
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
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Member of:
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Kam S Tso
Member of Technical Staff
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Biography (more>>)
Kam Tso is a member of the Robotics Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization Group at JPL. He has worked on a variety of robotics research projects including the JPL Telerobot, Remote Surface Inspection, and Web Interface for Telescience. He currently works on the MoonRise project responsible for the control and simulation for robotic sample acquisition.

Education (more>>)
Ph.D. in Computer Science, 1987 (UCLA)
M.S. in Electronics Engineering, 1981 (Philips International Institute)
B.S. in Electronics, 1979 (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Professional Experience (more>>)
- Motor control and arm operations for sample acquisition.
- Web Interface for Telescience for Mars Polar Lander arm operations.
- Operator interface and human factor testbed for multiple unmanned aerial vehicles.
- Fault-tolerant intelligent robotic control system.
- Software-as-a-service and web-based commercial software products.

Research Interests (more>>)
High-fidelity physics-based modeling, simulation, and visualization;
control and operator interface of mobility and robotic systems;
dependable, distributed, realtime, web-based, software systems.

Selected Publications (more>>)

A. Trebi-Ollennu, K. S. Ali, A. L. Rankin, K. S. Tso, C. Assad, J. B. Matthews, R. G. Deen, D. A. Alexander, R. Toda, H. Manohara, M. Wolf, J. R. Wright, J. Yen, F. Hartman, R. G. Bonitz, and A. R. Sirota, "Lunar Surface Operation Testbed (LSOT)," Proceedings of IEEE Aerospace Conference, Mar. 2012.

K. S. Tso, M. J. Pajevski, and B. Johnson, "Access control of Web and Java based applications," Proceedings of the IEEE 17th Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing, Dec. 2011, 320-325.

J. Balaram, J. Cameron, A. Jain, C. Lim, H. Mazhar, S. Myint, H. Nayar, R. Patton, M. Pomerantz, M. Quadrelli, P. Shakkotai, and K. Tso, "Physics-based simulator for NEO exploration analysis and simulation," Proceedings of AIAA SPACE 2011 Conference & Exposition, Sept. 2011.

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