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2013 NASA Honor Awards


Many JPL robotics personnel were recipients of 2013 NASA Honor Awards. Three received individual awards, while 125 team awards were distributed. These include:

Tony Ganino - Exceptional Achievement Medal

For exceptional achievement with the integration of the Mars Science Laboratory flight vehicle for testing and launch.

Brett Kennedy - Exceptional Achievement Medal

For exceptional and innovative technical achievement in the design and delivery of the Mars Science Laboratory Robotic Arm.

Jeff Biesiadecki - Exceptional Achievement Medal

For exceptional achievement in the development of the MSL motor controller software, enabling the descent, landing and operation of the rover on Mars.

Group Achievement Award for the following teams. Many are for the Mars Science Laboratory Project (MSL):

ALHAT Helicopter Test Team
Angry Birds Space Team
MSL Assembly, Test, and Launch Operations Team
MSL Entry, Descent and Landing Team
MSL Flight Software Team
MSL Guidance, Navigation and Control System Team
MSL Landing Interactive WWW Visualization Team
MSL Mastcam, MAHLI and MARDI Instruments Team
MSL Mechanical Team
MSL Mission System Development Team
MSL Motor Control Team
MSL Payload System Management Team
MSL Project Operations Team
MSL SA/SPaH Subsystem Development Team
MSL SAM Instrument Development and Science Team
MSL Science Office Development and Operations Team
MSL Simulation and Support Equipment Team
MSL Surface Sampling and Science Systems Team
MSL Surface Systems Engineering Team
MSL Testbed and Simulation Support Equipment Team
Planetary Geophysical Exploration Testbed Team