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Mobility and Robotics efforts at JPL can be broadly classified as products and services. Both represent active or potential deliverables to customers outside of the section, in research and flight capacities. While services represent the application of personnel skills to problems at hand, products represent a sustainable system or capability with similar broad application. Products are meant for delivery to others outside the development team, and potentially outside of JPL, with appropriate levels of maturity and documentation. Typically this maturity also imparts some level of generality, allowing use of the product in multiple contexts. It also distinguishes a product from other infrastructure items and point design prototypes.

In order to encourage the maturity described above, the Mobility and Robotics Section has identified the following items as products. For more information, please see the linked product sheet, and contact the indicated lead therein.

(Items with an asterisk (" * ") indicate past products of section personnel, and are not active section tasks.)


Software Infrastructure:

User Interfaces:

Motor Control:

Manipulation Algorithms:

Mobility Algorithms:

Entry, Descent, and Landing Algorithms:

  • Terrain Relative Guidance
  • Landing Hazard Detection
  • Crater Detection

Autonomous Science Data Processing Algorithms:

  • Rock Detection
  • Dust Devil Detection