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Dr. Michael Wolf, PhD
Group Supervisor

  1. Nanaz Fathpour, Lars Blackmore, Yoshiaki Kuwata, Christopher Assad, Michael T. Wolf, Claire Newman, Alberto Elfes, and Kim Reh, "Feasibility Studies on Guidance and Global Path Planning for Wind-Assisted Montgolfiere in Titan," IEEE Systems Journal, .
  2. Federico Rossi, Saptarshi Bandyopadhyay, Michael Wolf, Marco Pavone, "Review of Multi-Agent Algorithms for Collective Behavior: a Structural Taxonomy," IFAC Workshop on Networked & Autonomous Air & Space Systems (NAASS), 2018.
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  6. Michael T Wolf, Jorge G Cham, Edward A Branchaud, Grant H Mulliken, Richard A Andersen, and Joel W Burdick, "A Robotic Neural Interface for Autonomous Positioning of Extracellular Recording Electrodes," Intl Journal of Robotics Research (to appear), June 2009.
  7. Michael T Wolf and Joel W Burdick, "Multiple Hypothesis Tracking Using Clustered Measurements," IEEE Intl Conf on Robotics and Automation (to appear), May 2009.
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  10. Michael T Wolf and Joel W Burdick, "Artificial Potential Functions for Highway Driving with Collision Avoidance," IEEE Intl Conf on Robotics and Automation, May 2008.
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  12. Michael T Wolf and Joel W Burdick, "Spike Clustering and Neuron Tracking over Successive Time Windows," IEEE Intl Conf on Neural Engineering, May 2007.

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