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Adrian  Stoica's Picture
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
M/S 198-219
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
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Member of:
3471 Section Staff
Adrian Stoica, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
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- Thirty years of R&D experience in autonomous systems, developing novel adaptive, learning and evolvable hardware techniques and embedding them into electronics and intelligent information systems, for applications ranging from measurement equipment to space avionics to robotics.
- Contributed pioneering work in new fields (humanoid learning by imitation, evolvable hardware, survivable self-reconfigurable electronics for extreme environments), invented new concepts (polymorphic electronics, cognitive anti-tamper techniques) and took them to hardware demonstration.
- Recognized authority in adaptive and evolvable hardware
- Over 150 papers, 7 awarded patents, founded several conferences (including the NASA/ESA conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems), roles in IEEE (Program Chair 2011 IEEE Systems Man and Cybernetics, etc), plenary speaker at more than 10 international conferences, member Board of Governors, IEEE SMC
-Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh, since 2004, current appointment till end of 2016
- Visiting professor University of Essex, 2013-2015 (prior academic involvements include Assistant Professor University of Iasi, Romania, 1991-1992, Adjunct Professor University of Queensland, Australia, 2003-2006)
- Member of various advisory and review boards for US government agencies, Canada, UK, Norway and European Commission. Was part of the European Commissions ISTAG Working Group on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET), which provided strategic advice and orientations on long term foundational research in the area of Information and Communication Technology.
- NIAC Fellow (NASA Institute of Advanced Concepts): Transformers for Extreme Environments (shape-changing robots reflecting energy to create micro-environments around robotic or human explorers) Phase 1, 2013) and Phase 2, 2015); WindBots (Wind robots for exploration of gas giants) Phase 1, 2015

- PhD, Electrical Engineering, Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, 1996, (Thesis in robot learning: "Motion learning by robot apprentices- a fuzzy neural approach")
- MS, Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Iasi, Romania, 1986

- R&D since 1986, at JPL since 1996. Lead a variety of research projects for NASA, DARPA, USAF, DTAO, BMDO, etc., developing new technology solutions in areas ranging from evolvable hardware for survivable systems to humanoid robots for planetary surface operations.
- Principal (2002), Senior Research Scientist (2007), Group Supervisor (2008).
- NIAC Fellow (2013), (2015)

Flight Project and Research Task Involvement

Research Tasks:
Humanoid Robot for Intelligent Handling and Assembly Tasks
Swarm Autonomy
Transformers for Extreme Environments

Autonomous systems, human-centered robots and systems, machine/robot learning, artificial/computational intelligence/cognition, human-robot collaboration, teaching/fostering robots, human-robot interaction, robot control using biological signals (EEG, EMG), social robotics, cognitive robotics, humanoids, household/service robotics, advanced electronics (secure electronics, high-performance electronics, electronics for harsh radiation/temperature environments) biometrics, adaptive and evolvable hardware and systems, anti-aging technologies, foresight and strategic R&D planning

JPL Lew Allen Award for Excellence, 1999.
Information Technology Prize of Romanian Academy of Science, 2001.
TEDxBucharest 2010.

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