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2008 Robotics Recipients of Space Act Awards


Space Act Awards were presented to current and former members of the Mobility and Robotics Systems Section, for contributions to technology and flight missions.

The NASA Space Act Awards were set up by the Space Act of 1958 to reward outstanding scientific or technical contributions sponsored, adopted, or used by NASA which contribute significantly to aeronautics and space activities. The Board Awards, where were evaluated by NASAs Inventions and Contributions Board, are the most prestigious of the NASA Space Act Awards.

Roboticists receiving awards in this period were:

ICB Exceptional Award

MER Mobility Flight Software
Mark W Maimone, Jeffrey J. Biesiadecki

ICB Major Awards

METERS: Mars Exploration Rover Enhanced Telemetry Extraction and Reporting System
Mark W. Maimone, Jeffrey J. Biesiadecki, Robert R. Liebersbach

Visual Target Tracking on the Mars Exploration Rovers
Won S. Kim, Jeffrey J. Biesiadecki, Khaled S. Ali

A Xilinx based FPGA implementation of Stereo correlation
Carlos Y. Villalpando, Steven B. Goldberg, Larry H. Matthies, Mark W. Maimone

Rover Slip Validation and Prediction
Jeng Yen

SPACKLE: Scripts Providing A Cool Kit of teLemetry Enhancing tools
Mark W Maimone

ROAMING: Robotic Operations Automation: Mechanisms, Imaging, Navigation Report
Mark W. Maimone, Robert R. Liebersbach

Automated Camera Calibration
Siqi Chen, Yang Cheng, Reg G. Willson

ICB Standard Awards

JPLFineCal - Automated Camera Array Fine Calibration
Yang Cheng, Daniel S. Clouse, Adnan I. Ansar, Curtis W. Padgett

Science Activity Planner: Uplink Planning Component
Paul G. Backes, Jeffrey S. Norris, Mark W. Powell, Robert C. Steinke, Marsette A. Vona

Automatic Rock Detection and Mapping from HiRISE Imagery
Yang Cheng, Andres Huertas, Douglas S. Adams

Planned Activity Complexity Evaluation (PACE)
Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu, Antonio Diaz-Calderon

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