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Employee Awards for Fiscal Year 2007



J. (Bob) Balaram - For infusion of DSENDS Entry-Descent-Landing simulation capability to both MSL and Phoenix for landing site selection and final trajectory correction maneuver determination.

Jeffery Hall - For serving as the Concept Study Lead for the ST9 Aerocapture effort, beginning with Pre-Phase A in Jun. 2003 through the completion of Phase A in Nov. 2006. This effort was part of the New Millennium Programs(NMP) competition to be selected as the Space Technology 9 (ST9) Flight Project.


Daniel Helmick - Daniel was the lead author on a team that was awarded the Best Paper Award by the Robotics Society of Japan, for their submission titled Slip-compensated path following for planetary exploration rovers

Andrew Johnson - For technical leadership of JPLs contribution to the JSC Autonomous Landing and Hazard Avoidance Technology (ALHAT) project. This award is joint with JPLs Solar System Mission Formulation Office.

Adnan Ansar - For the AISR proposal win of Detecting Transient Surface Features with Dynamic Landmarking.

Mark Powell - For the AISR proposal win of Tactical Rover-Based Martian Geologic Mapping.

Issa Nesnas - For his oversight of the development and release of the new CLARAty website and CLARAty software.

Joseph Carsten - For testing the radar system for MSL. Joe identified and removed a major bug in the data acquisition system that made the system operational

Paulo Younse, Edward Barlow, Richard Petras - For rover assembly and maintenance efforts, including final development and checkout the new Athena research rover.

Paulo Younse, Robert Steele, Edward Tunstel - For efforts related to the coordination of Section 347 Open House Exhibits.

Daniel Clouse - For his oversight of the organization of a new Computer Vision Laboratory.


Robotics Science Journal Paper Team - Larry Matthies, Yang Cheng, Dan Clouse, Max Bajracharya - Received the Best Paper Award by the Robotics Society of Japan, for their submission entitled, Slip-compensated path following for planetary exploration rovers

MSL Motor Controller Team - Greg Levanas, Hung Tran, Ron Morgan, Thomas McCarthy - For the infusion of the Bread board 5 motor controller for use during engineering development.

CLARAty Team - Hari Nayar, Richard Petras, Rob Steele, Michael McHenry, Daniel Clouse - Final development, documentation, test case creation, and other details to enable the first public release of source code for the Coupled Layer Architecture for Robotic Autonomy (CLARAty).

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