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GROUP: Maritime and Aerial Perception Systems (347J)
The Maritime and Aerial Perception Systems Group develops navigation and mapping information for aerial and maritime systems. Algorithms and software for aerial imagery developed by this group extract precise information used for mapping, navigation and situational awareness. The group is also involved in image processing for maritime applications and supplying navigational and motion planning components. The work includes:

  • Spaceflight implementation of 3D perception, position estimation, motion estimation, terrain analysis, and science imagery analysis on landers and orbiters.
  • Autonomous navigation of unmanned air vehicles, object recognition, and geo-rectification of video reconnaissance for terrestrial applications.
  • Automated 3D model generation from 2D images for use in terrain-relative navigation, image registration/rectification, and image exploitation.
  • Automated object detection and classification of maritime imagery for navigation, and sea surface motion planning.
People in This Group
Curtis Padgett - Group Supervisor
Hrand Aghazarian
Eduardo Almeida
Adnan Ansar - Group Leader
Philip Bailey
Yang Cheng
Daniel Clouse
Gregory Griffin
Andres Huertas
Scott Tepsuporn
Catherine Whitt
Michael Wolf - Group Leader

Flight Project and Research Task Leadership
  1. ACTUV - Advanced Sensing and Behaviors for Covert Operations
  2. ACTUV - Autonomy Algorithms for Navigation in High Sea States
  3. Autonomy and Situational Awareness for UMS
  4. CODE - Collaborative Ops in Denied Environment
  5. PIXL Optical Fiducial System
  6. Prime Focus Spectrograph Positioner Software
  7. Sea-Based Automated launch and Recovery System (SALRS)

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