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Occasionally JPL Robotics hosts visiting researchers who come to our institution to work with us. Stays can extend from a few months for the summer, to multiple years for fellowships. Typically funding for these researchers is obtained by them from sponsoring agencies or their home institutions. If you are a researcher in robotics with funding for a period away, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Name Home Institution JPL Point of Contact Period of Visit
Pawel Malczyk Warsaw University of Technology Rudra Mukherjee 2/12 - 3/12
Activity: Parallel computing software implementations of computational multibody dynamics algorithms to be used for modeling articulated rigid bodies.
Dorian Tsai Aalto University Issa Nesnas 2/12 - 3/12
Activity: Develop a sensor-based algorithm to enable autonomous docking and undocking of the Axel Rover to the DuAxel Rover.
Anna Gruebler University of Tsukuba Adrian Stoica 1/12 - 2/12
Activity: Remote control of a robot in Japan via the internet by using the JPL BioSleeve and University of Tsukuba sensors for face expressions.
Masakazu Hirokawa University of Tsukuba Adrian Stoica 1/12 - 2/12
Activity: Remote control of a robot in Japan via the internet by using the JPL BioSleeve and University of Tsukuba sensors for face expressions.
Gaurav Ahuja SPAWAR Mike McHenry 11/11 - 10/13
Activity: System software development, evaluating alternative sensors, device drivers/interfaces and helping to implement new algorithms.
Narek Pezeshkian SPAWAR Mike McHenry 11/11 - 10/13
Activity: Electronics design for radio relays for Explosive Ordnance Disposal robots and software for their automatic deployment based on network link quality.
Jose Luis Peralta Aalto University Adrian Stoica 9/11 - 3/12
Activity: Stable walking algorithms for bipeds, including Idle State Stability, Limit Cycle Walking, and Regenerative Walking.
Koji Uchino Kyushu University, Japan Adrian Stoica 8/11 - 9/11
Activity: Perform research in vision-based recognition of humans and their activities.
Maria Moreno University of Alcala Adrian Stoica 7/11 - 9/11
Activity: Cognitive architectures for autonomous systems.
Daisuke Akita Tokyo Institute of Technology Jeff Hall 7/11 - 10/11
Activity: Planetary balloons and aerobots.
Yumi Iwashita Kyushu University Adrian Stoica 4/11 - 3/13
Activity: Research in vision-based recognition of humans and their activities.
David Swords Aalto University Adrian Stoica 3/11 - 5/11
Activity: Algorithms for navigation of mobile robots.
Thomas Fuchs Caltech Postdoc Larry Matthies 3/11 - 12/11
Activity: Research on terrain trafficability modeling and trafficability estimation from orbital remote sensing and rover surface sensing.
Kissung You Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST), Korea. Adrian Stoica 1/11 - 1/12
Activity: Research in robotic control through EMG and EEG interfacing to an operator.
Talita Sono Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil Adrian Stoica 12/10 - 6/11
Activity: Novel algorithms in control with biological signals.
Adnan Tahirovic Politecnico di Milano, Italy Adrian Stoica 10/10 - 12/10
Activity: Large-scale efficient graph search algorithms, and cost-map generation for non-uniform terrain.
Guido Sangiovanni Italian Space Agency Paul Backes 8/10 - 10/10
Activity: Simple, first-order aerodynamicmodels for Montgolfiere balloons.
Hubertus Von Bremen California State University Pomona Bob Balaram 7/10 - 8/11
Activity: Physics based surface mobility modeling and validation.
Brian Williams University of Oxford, England Larry Matthies 5/10 - 5/11
Activity: Vision based navigation for autonomous mobile robots.
Philipp Hahn University of Stuttgart, Germany Abhi Jain 4/10 - 8/10
Activity: Granular soil modeling software.
Yasuhiro Katayama JAXA Larry Matthies 9/09 - 9/10
Activity: Vision based planetary landing research.
Felix Reinhart CoR-Lab at Bielefeld University, Germany Adrian Stoica 9/09 - 12/09
Activity: Algorithms for the adaptive control of unmanned boats.
Goran Basic International Space University Jaret Matthews 10/07 - 4/08
Activity: Software development for the ATHLETE Smart Tool task.
Roland Brockers University of Paderborn Larry Matthies 7/07 - 6/09
Activity: Stereo vision performance enhancements.
Christine Buzzell Naval Undersea Warfare Center Terry Huntsberger 2/07 - 6/07
Activity: Software development and transfer for Naval applications.
Louis Everett University of Texas, El Paso Paul Backes 9/06 - 9/07
Activity: Robotics Capabilities Analysis.
Davide Brugali University of Bergamo, Italy Issa Nesnas 7/06 - 8/06
Activity: CLARAty software architecture development.
Victor Silva University of Dundee Larry Matthies 9/05 - 9/06
Activity: Vision-based integrated navigation for space exploration.
Robert Kozma University of Memphis, TN Homayoun Seraji 6/05 - 9/05
Activity: Investigations toward a self-organized dynamically adaptable system for guidance, navigation, and control.

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